Your expertise is valued: Opportunities for additional, flexible work

MedHealth has a network of independent medical opinion providers across Australia, providing medical specialists with the opportunity for additional, flexible work. Our consultants enjoy the variety and flexibility of working when it best suits, backed by an administration team who is committed to supporting you.

We manage all the operational and administrative things you’d rather not, providing a highly professional end-to-end business service.  We are dedicated to ensuring your availability is optimally utilised.

By taking the hard work out of practice management, we ensure you can focus on what you do best… delivering  an expert opinion.

Australia’s leading specialists choose to work with MedHealth’s independent expert opinion providers – mlcoa, Medilaw Group (Next Health and Medilaw), MindSense Centre of Psychiatry, and our legal services businesses advicor, ASSESS Group and Lex Medicus.

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For more information or to enquire about how MedHealth can support you, please contact our Professional Services team on 08 8212 6958 or by email.