What is a telehealth IME?

Just like a ‘regular’ Independent Medical Examination (IME), a telehealth IME puts the person being assessed at the centre of care. Instead of the person and specialist meeting at consulting rooms, each could be anywhere. A telehealth IME allows people to be assessed using technology – be it video, voice, online or a combination of these.

However, a successful telehealth appointment is not just about the broadly available technology. Equally important is the extensive know-how of both our team members and specialists. We focus on smart triaging and identifying the best and safest method for each person in an objective and considered manner. When required, we have a network of allied health professionals across Australia who support specialists to conduct a telehealth IME.

A telehealth IME is designed by the specialist for each person and the unique requirements of their assessment and environment, ensuring a high quality and robust report.

Telehealth document screenshot

In April 2020, MedHealth published this white paper on our approach to TeleIMEs, covering information on the broad range of solutions we offer across our independent medical opinion businesses and ways to make telehealth more effective.

The report released in November 2020 follows on from the initial paper by investigating how MedHealth’s approach to TeleIMEs works in practice. We researched the use of TeleIMEs across mlcoa, Medilaw Group and ASSESS Group both before and during the pandemic, surveying stakeholders’ satisfaction with them. The discussion paper is also based on desk research on telehealth, incorporating evidence and insights from global telehealth research. To read the full results, please view the paper here.

Booking a telehealth IME

To choose an mlcoa telehealth IME, use any of our flexible booking options: via phone on 1800 652 621, email contact@mlcoa.com.au or our online booking portal, vault.

To choose a Medilaw Group telehealth IME, please email clientservices@medilaw.com.au, call 1300 633 452 or contact your local Medilaw or Next Health office.

To choose an ASSESS Medical Group telehealth IME, please email admin@assessmedicalgroup.com.au or call your local ASSESS office on 1300 188 988 today.

How does it work

Just like with our in-person appointments, we follow a rigorous process to ensure a thorough outcome that meets the service objective(s). Using multiple channels (online, phone, etc.) and different locations (person’s home, consultation room) means we undertake even more checks along the way. We are always on hand for support and guidance.

Telehealth process

Types of telehealth IMEs

Your chosen specialist will triage the optimal telehealth option for your needs, each person’s specific requirements and the unique situation. Our goal is the same as yours – a robust and reliable report which supports your decision-making and progresses cases so that people’s lives get back on track. The options include:

  1. file records (desktop file review)
  2. telephone consultation
  3. unassisted video consultation
  4. assisted video consultation, tapping into our allied health network
  5. a combination of the above to enable provisional or partial assessment with in-person completion to follow when possible

Occasionally, our specialist will conclude that none of the above options will provide the best result for you, or for the person you are supporting. In that instance we will recommend an in-person consultation now if possible, or later.

In most cases, there will be a telehealth option available.