MedHeath’s Rehabilitation and Return to Work Services division supports people to return to health, wellness and suitable employment following physical or psychological illness or injury.

Operating across workers insurance, Comcare, compulsory third party, life insurance, military and Veteran rehabilitation schemes, our multi award-winning teams span metropolitan and regional locations in every state and territory of Australia. Our businesses are IPAR, Access Psych, WorkFocus AustraliaKairros, SIS Rehab, Total Workfit Solutions and Benchmark Rehab

Across these brands, we provide support to injured or ill workers, people with mental health conditions, members of the military, people injured in car accidents and many others, so that they — along with their families, community and employers — may realise all the benefits of work, health and wellbeing.

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We deliver training and services that create healthy workplaces and people, with the firm belief that prevention is far superior to cure.


Acting early in rehabilitation has shown to reduce the occurrence and severity of injury or illness, helping people to remain at or return to work.


We take a client-centred and outcome-focused approach when helping people, families and employers move forward after injury or illness.


Our highly qualified professionals work with individuals and organisations to build awareness and resilience in all areas of mental health.


Using the power of activity and exercise, we help people return to health and wellbeing and meet their goals in work and life.


Supporting people with unique levels of biopsychosocial complexity to successfully transition from one employment type to another.

WorkFocus Australia – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face unique vocational and non-vocational barriers to recovery and return to work that are best supported through a specialist approach.

WorkFocus Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service focuses on providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients with holistic support through consultants who are trained in cultural competence.

The service aims to work toward developing and providing a culturally aware service that considers family networks and history, plus community engagement, while uncovering the motivations and any barriers to recovery and return to work.

The service nurtures:

  • Links with Local Area Councils and Elders
  • Partnerships with mentoring and support services
  • Provision of supportive employment placement of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients

By ensuring equitable and inclusive access to the service, WorkFocus Australia delivers mentoring and support services, community support, strategic return to work planning and supportive employment placement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

IPAR – Beyond Cancer

Individuals living with cancer and managing the symptoms and side effects related to treatment, are at greater risk of unemployment than the general population.

It is important for service providers, health professionals and employers to provide assistance to help cancer survivors overcome their current barriers and make a timely return to appropriate, sustainable work. IPAR’s Beyond Cancer program aims to provide that assistance.

Beyond Cancer is an evidence based, holistic rehabilitation program. It aims to reduce the impact of symptoms, enhance wellness and help survivors to successfully remain at or resume work. The program is specifically tailored to each person’s unique needs, and may include:

  • Positivum™ cancer assessment to identify current life and work challenges
  • Education in symptom management
  • Health coaching (setting goals, managing stress, increasing resilience and managing pain)
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Return to work planning and engagement with the workplace

The results of a pilot program were formally assessed by Monash University, and found:

  • 64% of the sample improved their certified capacity, leading to
  • 86% of those improving work status and return to work relative to referral

Kairros – We speak your language

A core mission of Kairros is to ensure that equitable healthcare services are made available to all.

With nearly one in three people speaking a language other than English at home, and emerging research indicating that patients of minority cultural and language backgrounds receive poorer quality of care than other patients, it makes sense to offer a tailored service to better support these people.

Kairros has developed a specialised service for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients to help overcome cross-cultural barriers in their recovery and their return to work. Delivered in their own language, the service includes:

  • An assessment of social support and quality of life and the development of a Social Integration Plan to promote recovery and good health
  • Education packs for clients and employers (in their first language) to ensure they understand their role and rights in the process as well as important resources available
  • Innovative technology to reduce the requirement of an interpreter and increase the trust and rapport built between the client and consultant
  • Strong connections to local employers to provide onsite workplace safety education as well as workplace cultural education whilst undergoing a Work Trial
  • A database of bilingual treating parties to assist with breaking down the communication barriers in the treatment and recovery process and a database of cultural resources and support facilities in local communities to enhance a holistic return to wellbeing

In the last 12 months, Kairros has supported the recovery and return to work of over 120 CALD clients in New South Wales alone. The team has achieved a new employer return to work rate 22% above panel average, at 15% below average case cost.

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