Mental health services

Early, tailored and concurrent support to determine the best path forward in the care of people with mental health conditions.

For people with mental health conditions and the treating doctors and insurers involved in their care, determining the best way forward can be complex. MindHub reduces that complexity.

MindHub is a multifaceted service that taps into the vast range of services and specialists from across MedHealth brands, including counselling and psychology services.

It sees a psychologist meeting with the client to gain a full picture of their circumstances, provide support, improve their understanding of the process and develop a comprehensive report. Concurrently, a consulting psychiatrist liaises with the treating General Practitioner to clarify the diagnosis, discuss the Health Benefits of Good work and confidently develop treatment plans.

Combining expertise and collaborating for the best care available results in:

  • Early and appropriate support for people with mental health conditions
  • Expert advice and improved skills in mental health matters for treating GPs
  • An evidence-based way forward for insurers

Since inception, MindHub has assisted more than 180 people and those involved in their care to forge a path forward after mental ill health. The service has resulted in:


Improved client engagement, with 95% compliance in appointment attendance


Proactive GP uptake, with 98% compliance in GP and Psychiatrist appointment attendance


increase in client work capacity


increase in the proportion of clients working