Our Technology Solutions and Business Services division is all about making it easier for our customers to connect to the full range of healthcare services they need and for healthcare providers to work more efficiently.

We do this via Australia’s leading web-based healthcare platform, medEbridge, which enables customers to search, book and interact with the healthcare service providers they need on one, easy-to-use platform. medEbridge connects business and healthcare.

Through our UHG and mi-Support businesses, we also offer a range of business services such as medical information retrieval, transcription, document management and virtual practice management for the medical community.

Our Technology Solutions and Business Services drive innovation and deliver efficiency in healthcare management, enabling our customers to focus on what they do best.

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When your business is to deal with healthcare providers, we deliver access to a full range of services on one platform saving you time and achieving better outcomes


We provide superior administration and practice management services, ensuring you can focus on your own core expertise… be it legal, healthcare or corporate.


medEbridge enables access to a fragmented market of healthcare providers in a seamless and efficient way.


When it comes to health data, security is critical. We ensure a consistently high level of security and privacy on dedicated Australian IT infrastructure.


Our business services are delivered within a strict quality assurance framework, certified with triple ISO status.


Driving innovation and improved business and industry outcomes, helping you find the value in your data by understanding it in context.

TAL’s one stop healthcare management

Working via UHG’s medEbridge platform, TAL has improved efficiency and quality by bringing all its healthcare services management into one place. Its goal was to better control health services procured when underwriting new applications and assessing claims.

TAL implemented the medEbridge platform for the procurement and management of all health services, including:

  • Health assessments and pathology tests
  • Retrieval of medical reports and files
  • Independent medical examinations and opinions
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Expert advisory services

TAL’s Chief Operating Officer, Justin Delaney, said: “By putting all this information on a platform, it really enables our people to focus on what they should be focusing on and not more administration tasks. And having this data in a platform means we can much more simply manage our business.”

The results of TAL’s use of medEbridge have been:

  • Better control of healthcare expenditure
  • Improved efficiency of underwriting and claims teams
  • Enhanced compliance with the Life Insurance Code of Practice
  • Access to health data in one place enabling reporting and analysis to drive better
    business outcomes
  • Secure ordering and delivery of healthcare information

The ‘why’ of process improvement for healthcare organisations

Process improvement sounds like something that belongs on a factory floor – but it’s an approach that can benefit hospitals and healthcare organisations throughout the patient journey, and deliver savings of 30 per cent or more in some areas.

It starts with identifying and documenting your processes and procedures from admission to discharge with one question at the forefront of your mind: “Why?” Why is the process necessary? Why is this step needed? Why should it be done by that person rather than this one? Why do this in-house?

Substantial efficiencies can result from process improvement. For example, an overhaul of transcriptions for one large company we work with resulted in a 40 per cent cost reduction – and an increase in quality, reliability and speed. Most hospitals that perform transcriptions in-house could achieve savings of at approximately 20-40 per cent by adopting a similar solution.

Faster outcomes, reduced administration for legal firms

The medEbridge healthcare platform enables legal teams to securely and efficiently fulfil medical evidence requirements. This reduces administration, accelerates the resolution of legal matters and improves the experience of the injured party.

Our proven process allows legal firms to procure, track and receive health information and independent medical examination reports.

For example, UHG has an agreement with the NSW Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) that makes it efficient for a law firm to procure medical information or an Independent Medical Exam. Once has an approved grant of funding from WIRO, they are able to request clinical notes, treating doctor medical reports and independent medical examinations through medEbridge platform free of charge.

Just some of the services legal firms may tap into include medical history, treating doctor reports, independent medical examinations (IMEs), expert advisory and court attendance.

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