Improving lives through telehealth services

Telehealth services are regular health-related services delivered differently.

Telehealth services are the services you are used to drawing upon to support your clients. They are independent medical opinions, including telehealth IMEs and second opinions. They are vocational assessments. They are return to work plans and exercise physiology programs. They are mental health first aid training.

They are all of these and more – delivered fully or partially via online video conferencing platforms and/or telecommunications.

We’re here for you

MedHealth has been delivering telehealth services for some years now. We know what’s needed to support people to better work and health outcomes: whether it’s via our more usual face-to-face methods; online (video, voice); or a combination of online interactions now and face-to-face later.

Our flexible and tech-savvy delivery, combined with our panel of leading medical specialists and a network of allied health professionals across Australia, gives you robust telehealth services optimised to your needs.

We’re here for your clients

We share your drive to improve health and employment outcomes for your clients. All our services are sharply focused on this goal. While some telehealth delivery methods might be slightly different to in-person service delivery, the goal is the same.

It’s never been more important to support people to better health and work outcomes.