MedHealth’s Health Management Services division works in partnership with our customers to develop innovative service delivery solutions to address challenges in their portfolios. We bring together a team of expert care coordinators and degree qualified allied health professionals to deliver client-centric case management to individuals in a diverse range of healthcare and employment settings.

Our InjuryTRACK and Cogent Thinking brands deliver workplace health, wellbeing and productivity solutions tailored to each customer’s business requirements. Their services include pre-employment medicals, health surveillance and periodical medicals, 24/7 injury hotlines, outsourced return to work case management, and medical appointments with our network of medical providers. Our MedHealth Care Coordination team draw on the diverse capabilities of the broader MedHealth group to deliver population health solutions.

Health management services - a young call centre representative greets a caller in a large open plan office as her supervisor watches over her shoulder and helps her through the call.


The provision of risk management and OHS services, pre-employment medicals, vaccinations and wellbeing initiatives


The coordination of skin checks, drug and alcohol screening, absence management, periodic and specialised medicals


Bespoke workplace health and safety training including manual handling, ergonomics and psychological health and wellbeing


Access to our 24/7 injury hotline for immediate first aid, coordination of treatment and medical appointments plus GP telehealth consultations


Outsourced return to work coordination, an employer advice line, claims management consultancy and expert in-house secondments


Drawing together the diverse capabilities across all brands of MedHealth to deliver results focused population health solutions

Easy Access to a Second Opinion

MedHealth’s Health Management Services was engaged by one of Australia’s largest private health insurers to design and implement a second opinion service.
The service provides people with complex medical conditions with timely access to MedHealth’s extensive network of independent medical specialists, providing valuable information and peace of mind around health concerns.

The Health Management Services team:

  • Developed the client journey in partnership with the insurer
  • Partnered with MedHealth’s Specialist Services division to ensure all clinical considerations were met
  • Engaged the office of the Chief Medical Officer to identify suitably credentialed specialists
  • Set up a contact centre and central platform to provide a single point of contact for the client whilst enabling appointment of the most appropriate medical specialist irrespective of MedHealth brand

The result is a service that has benefited all:

  • Creating unique brand equity for the insurer
  • Providing high client satisfaction, with an NPS of +85
  • Creating a new way for our medical consultants to provide their expert opinion

Injury Hotline in a Healthcare Setting

In April 2017, a healthcare provider launched a national early intervention immediate response program. The aim was to:

  • Promote recovery at work
  • Provide managers with the skills required to effectively support injured employees within the workplace

The program was developed and implemented by the Group WorkCover Manager partnering with Cogent Thinking for the service delivery. The program supports managers and their employees during the incident reporting and injury management process.

It includes an incident hotline, accessible 24/7, providing immediate access to a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals, expertly trained in RTW across jurisdictions nationally. The incident response team telephonically triages the injury, provides first aid, advises any workplace restrictions and determines if a GP or Physiotherapist appointment is required. As it is the manager who calls the hotline on behalf of the injured employee, a conversation takes place immediately to confirm suitable duties and any supports that can help the employee remain safely at work.

The results achieved through the program include:

  • 93% reduction in claim conversion
  • 0.2% reduction in EPR
  • 100% increase in incident reporting
  • $980,000 reduction in FY17/18 premium

Putting Members First

In partnership with a large life insurer, MedHealth established a unique service delivery model to support clients with mental health conditions when lodging an income protection claim. MedHealth’s team of care coordinators arrange for a nurse to visit clients in their home to assist with the completion of the claim forms, and then arrange for a qualified Psychiatrist to contact the treating doctor to gain appropriate medical information about their claimed condition.

The aim of this initiative is to:

  • Enhance the claims lodgement process, ensuring that lodging a claim was as easy as possible for clients in their time of need
  • Better gather the right information up front and understand the client’s claimed condition and reasons for being unable to work
  • Positively engage with our customers about their recovery, and wellness including discussing the health benefits of good work

Outcomes have included:

  • 13 day reduction in time from claim notification to claim lodgement
  • 20% increase in referrals to the rehabilitation team to engage in return to work support
  • 4 week reduction in time from claim lodgement to first payment
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