Early intervention services

Acting early, and fast, provides better information leading to evidence-based treatment and can avoid unnecessary surgery.

MedHealth’s early intervention programs work across a range of schemes (life insurance, CTP, workers compensation and more) and for people with physical injuries or illness and/or mental health conditions.

For one large retailer, MedHealth has recently put in place a tailored solution to support their people who have sustained back injuries while at work.

Typically, people with this type of back injury have progressed through a series of GP visits, MRI scans, a referral to a surgeon, possibly decompression surgery, followed by fusion – with varying but limited success rates.

Our retailer customer believed there was a better way and is now working with MedHealth to obtain an early engagement with injured workers with a lower back work-related injury.

Instead of progressing through GP visits, scans and inevitable surgery; we visit the worker who is injured to better understand all physical, social and / or psychological barriers to recovery. We also engage with their treating doctor and offer an early expert specialist opinion. As part of this early intervention, we then ensure the person who is injured and the treating doctor are aware of evidence-based treatment options and create a treatment plan based on these.

Our aim is to:

  • Support the person with the lower back injury to fully recover and return to work in a sustainable and appropriate way
  • Support the treating doctor with evidence-based treatment options and a specialist opinion
  • Avoid unnecessary surgery and direct the course of care to be evidence based