We focus on consistent high quality in all that we do, while having the courage to actively seek opportunities to do things better and differently.

At MedHealth, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality outcome focused services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations, and are delivered in a way that treats all individuals with dignity and respect.

We achieve this through our Quality Management System which was been established to meet the national and international standards for Quality (AS/NZS ISO9001), Information Security (ISO/IEC27001), and the National Standards for Disability Services, the Quality Assurance Framework, IRAP and the Heads of Workers Compensation National Consistency Framework. Additionally, this is achieved through compliance with relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

Our Quality Management System:

Drives consistent quality in all that we do, whilst actively seeking opportunities to improve

Sets measurable objectives to drive the continual improvement of our business and our system

Ensures risks and opportunities are actively identified, monitored and managed

Ensures a robust framework of policies and procedures which guide all our activities

Provides a framework for our team members to contribute to its ongoing effectiveness

Elicits and responds to feedback from customers, clients and our own team members

Our team play an active role in the implementation and improvement of our Quality Management System and are encouraged to contribute to continuous improvement in all that we do. This is supported by the commitment of our executive leadership team, who routinely review the effective operation of our system and its relevance and alignment with our internal and external business environment.

Our Quality Policy clearly articulates our commitment to quality and excellence.