Clinical advisory service

GPS2 is a clinical support service that enables prompt connection between a treating doctor and a highly regarded specialist appropriate for the patient’s condition. The main objective is to support the treating doctor’s clinical decision making to effectively progress the recovery and health outcome of their patient. Whether the specialist opinion confirms the original advice or provides additional or new information, the important thing is that the treating doctor and patient are able to access informed and reliable medical information to help them make good health care decisions. This service is designed for clinical purposes only. It’s non-adversarial and without vested interest by the independent specialist.

The process involves:

  • An insurer or employer enabling and supporting a treating doctor to access this service at no cost to the patient
  • The treating doctor completing a simple referral to MedHealth, who guide them through this process
  • The specialist examining the client and reviewing clinical file records (usually within 10 business days of the referral)
  • Telephone consultation between treating doctor and specialist (within 3 business days of the appointment)
  • A clinical report to the treating doctor confirming the right diagnosis and best care management plan (within 10 business days of the appointment)

The service is particularly useful when diagnosis is ambiguous or complex, when the patient’s condition is not improving as expected or when prompt access to a specialist is not able to be facilitated (due to regional locations or waiting lists).

The results so far

GPS2 makes a real difference. Key findings of the first 125 cases highlight the benefits:

Revised treatment in 65% cases

New or updated diagnosis in:

69% of neurosurgery cases, 51% of orthopaedic surgery cases, 59% of physician and 92% of psychiatry

66% revised work capacity and 71% clarified specific work restrictions