Dr. Jack Cygler M.B., B.S. (Melb)

Director of Product Innovation

Dr Jack Cygler has been an executive with the MedHealth Group since 2013 and is the Director of Product Innovation.

He is principally engaged in partnering with insurers to challenge their thinking and reimagining the use of MedHealth’s resources to attend existing or emerging industry challenges.

Following graduation as a medical practitioner from the University of Melbourne, Jack combined his knowledge of healthcare with his passion to design new products and disrupt the status quo to achieve superior results.

For over 25 years Jack has helped to build entrepreneurial enterprises and develop creative solutions for the insurance sector.  Hallmarks of his approach are forging collaborative working partnerships with clients, commitment to excellence, accountability for measurable benefits and keeping a sense of humour.

He has conducted numerous speaking events, published articles and authored a book exploring the interplay between health, financial wellbeing, relationships and insurance.

Jack’s focus has recently been on introducing a paradigm shift in the way insurers engage with customers and treaters to improve customer centricity, claims management and the adoption of evidence- and value-based healthcare.