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On: May 27, 2019

MELBOURNE – MedHealth, an Australian provider of healthcare and employment services, today announced it has acquired Unified Healthcare Group (UHG).

MedHealth CEO Tim Morphy said that the agreement brings together complementary services and strengths to create greater choice and compelling solutions for customers.

“The alignment between MedHealth and UHG delivers a two-pronged benefit. Not only does this enable us to offer a more holistic service to our customers – enabling them to freely choose between brands, providers, channels and products – it will also improve health and employment outcomes for our clients across Australia.

“Our ultimate goal is always to support people to achieve better lives through work and health.”

UHG has built a leading technology platform, medEbridge, connecting businesses and government agencies to a broad range of health services and healthcare providers. It also operates Australia’s leading medical document retrieval service; a health services business; a NSW-based medico-legal business known as Medico-Legal Opinions (MLO); and an early intervention injury management solution known as InjuryTrack.

UHG CEO Rob Farmer said that, while the businesses would continue to operate independently, joining forces means an ability to deliver even greater value for customers.

“As a result of our agreement, both companies can offer more to their customers. Through one seamless marketplace, our customers will be able to access MedHealth’s healthcare and employment services providers, and any other provider who they would like to see there. It’s all about putting the customer first and really delivering an exceptional experience for them – and in turn for the people they are supporting.”