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On: November 23, 2019

Working via UHG’s medEbridge platform, TAL has improved efficiency and quality by bringing all its healthcare services management into one place.
Its goal was to better control health services procured when underwriting new applications and assessing claims.

TAL implemented the medEbridge platform for the procurement and management of all health services, including:

  • Health assessments and pathology tests
  • Retrieval of medical reports and files
  • Independent medical examinations and opinions
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Expert advisory services

TAL’s Chief Operating Officer, Justin Delaney, said: “By putting all this information on a platform, it really enables our people to focus on what they should be focusing on and not more administration tasks. And having this data in a platform means we can much more simply manage our business.”

The results of TAL’s use of medEbridge have been:

  • Better control of healthcare expenditure
  • Improved efficiency of underwriting and claims teams
  • Enhanced compliance with the Life Insurance Code of Practice
  • Access to health data in one place enabling reporting and analysis to drive better
    business outcomes
  • Secure ordering and delivery of healthcare information
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