Professor Peter Steadman

Chief Medical Officer

Professor Peter Steadman was appointed Chief Medical Officer of MedHealth in 2018.

Peter’s unique expertise spans the business world, academia and the medical profession, offering an invaluable view of how and where they intersect. He continues to practice as an orthopaedic surgeon in both general and cancer-related conditions in both public and private medicine. Peter operates at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane.

Some 18 years ago, Peter established Medilaw, which is now part of MedHealth. Since its genesis, Medilaw has completed over 200,000 reports in Australia with a team of up to 100 doctors. A medical-led business, it has made significant advances in education and peer review for the doctors who are part of the organisation.

Peter is currently accredited with a Master of Independent Medical Examination through American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) with qualifications in American Medical Association (AMA) 4, 5 and 6. He is an international ambassador and examiner of the ABIME group and has recently been appointed as an editor of the new AMA publication Starting Medicolegal Practice.

He is the current Chairman of the Queensland Orthopaedic Research Institute, a charity aimed to improve outcomes for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions.

Academically, he is a published researcher and international presenter in the field of sarcoma. He was appointed an Associate Professor of the University of Queensland in 2008 and is a PhD supervisor in the Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences. He continues to teach orthopaedic trainees and medical students at University of Queensland.

President and Chairman of the Australian Sarcoma Group, Peter has recently been appointed an incoming board member of the International Society of Limb Salvage.

Peter Steadman