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On: March 2, 2018

MedHealth Group, Australia’s leading provider of independent, evidence-based medical advisory services, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Work Health Group, which comprises five businesses that provide employment services, advisory services and workplace rehabilitation.

The acquisition, which is subject to customary conditions and regulatory approval, brings together two leading companies offering complementary services to assist Australians who experience injury, physical illness, mental health issues, disability or disadvantage in life and in the workplace.

MedHealth Group CEO, Tim Morphy, said the alignment with the combined MedHealth Group would improve health and employment outcomes for its clients in more places across Australia, deliver superior service and security of health information, and strengthen its offering of health risk management solutions.

“MedHealth Group has been focused on improving health outcomes for clients as they work through their return to work and life from injury and illness,” Mr Morphy said.

“Many Australians who encounter injury, physical illness, mental health issues, disability or disadvantage can face a complex and challenging journey, as they engage with employment and medical advisors, rehabilitation providers, workplace legal representatives and insurance case managers, while seeking treatment and resolution to receive benefits and return to work.

“At the same time, insurers, government bodies and statutory authorities seek an efficient and beneficial resolution for those affected. This is driving demand for services that deliver better, more predictable health and employment outcomes for clients.

“The expanded MedHealth Group will focus on helping Australians build better lives. Our clients will be able to access individualised employment services and return to health and work participation as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Work Health Group CEO, David Sagar, said that while the two businesses would continue to operate independently, they would be strengthened by an expanded corporate services engine and increased ability to invest in people, technology and innovation.

“We entered into this agreement because it’s good for our clients, our customers and our people,” Mr Sagar said.

“MedHealth Group and Work Health Group share core values – we know that we are successful by putting our clients at the heart of our services and ensuring great outcomes for them. This agreement will enhance and build on that client focus.”

Subject to the fulfilment of conditions and regulatory approval, the acquisition is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The terms of the acquisition will remain confidential.