A woman looking and smiling at a man while holding a tablet
On: November 3, 2019

With prescription drug addiction becoming known as the ‘modern plague epidemic’, our unique medications safety program has been increasing in demand across industries and compensation schemes. In many cases, an expert review of a person’s medication regime has saved them from many adverse effects resulting from ineffectual or harmful medications. Our expert guidance is designed to avert any consequential harm and assist the transition to a safer program of effective medication use, pain management care and treatment.

The aims of this service are to:

  • Optimise medication therapy
  • Minimise any adverse effects and irreversible impacts
  • Improve decision making for better health outcomes
  • Help inform the individual and potentially guide them towards better decisions and better options

The result is a service that can achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduction in health complications and mortality risks
  • Reduction in unnecessary medication costs
  • Reduced whole person impairment impact arising out of consequential harm caused by inappropriate medications
A woman looking and smiling at a man while holding a tablet