A woman smiling and shaking hands with a doctor
On: November 7, 2019

There are often multiple options for treating a person who is injured or ill.

When the recommended way forward is surgery, it is valuable to assess all options. Sometimes intervention is not necessary or may have complications and require complex rehabilitation. Conversely, delaying necessary surgery can  have a negative impact.

Second opinions on surgery gives you reassurance that the best treatment is planned – or may lead to even better treatment options.

MedHealth uses its robust treatment ratification capabilities to critically appraise the clinical efficacy of proposed surgical procedures, including other diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

This service delivers to all parties. The patient receives an informed second opinion and treatment options to discuss with their doctor. Our customers get a prompt and robust second opinion which comprises comprehensive clinical reasoning, high quality and relevant medical evidence to support recommendations and advice – enabling timely decision-making on cost approval requests.

What’s more, when this surgical second opinion service is used:

  • Treatment delays are reduced
  • Cost savings are realised as unnecessary interventions are prevented
  • Patient outcomes improve
A woman smiling and shaking hands with a doctor