Second Opinon Service
On: November 15, 2019

MedHealth’s Health Management Services was engaged by one of Australia’s largest private health insurers to design and implement a second opinion service.

The service provides people with complex medical conditions with timely access to MedHealth’s extensive network of independent medical specialists, providing valuable information and peace of mind around health concerns.

The Health Management Services team:

  • Developed the client journey in partnership with the insurer
  • Partnered with MedHealth’s Specialist Services division to ensure all clinical considerations were met
  • Engaged the office of the Chief Medical Officer to identify suitably credentialed specialists
  • Set up a contact centre and central platform to provide a single point of contact for the client whilst enabling appointment of the most appropriate medical specialist irrespective of MedHealth brand

The result is a service that has benefited all:

  • Creating unique brand equity for the insurer
  • Providing high client satisfaction, with an NPS of +85
  • Creating a new way for our medical consultants to provide their expert opinion
Second Opinon Service