On: June 29, 2023

MELBOURNE – Associate Professor Michael Robertson MBBS (HONS), FRA NZCP, PHD, was today appointed MedHealth’s first Chief Psychiatrist, providing clinical support to MedHealth’s psychiatrist panel and providing expert leadership for mental health service delivery across the group.

CEO of MedHealth, Tim Morphy, said the role was created in acknowledgment of the increasing prevalence of clients needing support for mental health conditions.

“For some years now, there has been significant growth in people who come to us needing support with mental health conditions… whether that’s support to recover, enable them to return to work and other parts of their lives, or gain a meaningful job. On top of that, many people who come to us for support with physical injury or illness, also benefit from mental health support.

“Appointing Michael to this important new role means we will have one of Australia’s most respected Psychiatrists advising our teams on best clinical practice and ensuring our service delivery is client-centred and supports people to better life, health and employment outcomes.”

Chief Medical Officer for MedHealth, Professor Peter Steadman said the group was uniquely positioned to access medical expertise and ensure its services addressed all aspects of health.

“In his role as Chief Psychiatrist, Michael will focus on professional development for MedHealth’s panel of Psychiatrists, the recruitment of new practitioners and quality assurance.

“Importantly, Michael will also consult on innovative service development and delivery, such as new products relating to occupational mental health and exercise as an intervention in mental health cases.”

Associate Professor Robertson added that he will relish the opportunity to consult across all MedHealth’s businesses.

“I look forward to supporting MedHealth to build on mental health services delivered in workplace rehabilitation, employment services and clinical services in the NDIS, as well as independent medical opinion and assessments.

“Working alongside Peter and the team, this holistic view of health services will ultimately bring better outcomes for our customers and clients alike.”

Associate Professor Robertson is currently Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychiatrist at Medilaw Group, which is part of MedHealth – as well as Visiting Professorial Fellow at Sydney Jewish Museum. His clinical work is in Occupational Psychiatry and Civil Forensic Psychiatry. His sub-specialties are Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Intergenerational Trauma and Historical Abuse.

He is a past Deputy Editor of Australasian Psychiatry and is a previous Head of Department of Psychiatry at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He has worked in a wide variety of roles in acute adult and community psychiatry.