Managing everyone’s safety:
MedHealth’s COVID-19 approach, plans and protocols

MedHealth is committed to safeguarding our customers, clients and team members.
These plans and protocols have been developed with this commitment at their heart.

Here’s what we are doing

  • Like many Australian companies, we are monitoring advice from Health, Safe Work, Australian and State Government authorities on a daily basis and adapting our plans to align with any updates.
  • Additionally, we have engaged medical experts to give us specific advice on safeguarding all people in our sphere of influence – customers, our in-house team members, the doctors who work with us and the people who visit our premises.
  • We have a special COVID-19 hotline in place for our people. Delivered by Cogent Thinking, the hotline service triages any potential instances of COVID-19 exposure and provides instant advice to our people on their next moves. This keeps all our COVID-19 information across MedHealth’s 200+ locations in Australia centralised and our advice and actions are based on the complete picture.
  • We have a Pandemic Plan, a COVID-19 Safety Management Plan to cover our return to the workplace, and a set of protocols for managing the safety of visitors to our premises, when our people visit offsite premises, events, face-to-face appointments, cleaning and in the event of a COVID-19 exposure.
  • Our signage supports our actions on screening for  symptoms; physical distancing, hand and other hygiene.

Sharing information for greater good

This is a time for openness and sharing as much information as possible. Please feel free to download any of our plans or protocols and adapt them for your own use. If you have something you would like to share or discuss with us, please get in touch with your MedHealth contact.

MedHealth COVID-19 Plans and Protocols

These will be updated and revised over time. The date of currency is on each document.

MedHealth COVID-19 and hygiene signage

Additionally, our MedHealth COVID-19 Safety Management Plan is available to be shared with any of our customers who would like to see it. Please get in touch with your usual MedHealth contact or email

All MedHealth COVID-19 related protocols will be reviewed and refined daily, in line with advice from the Australian Government or the relevant health authority