On: April 6, 2020

As the world tackles the COVID-19 outbreak, MedHealth and its diverse group of healthcare and employment businesses, is committed to safeguarding our customers, clients and team members.

CEO Tim Morphy said that the group’s COVID-19 plans and protocols have been developed with this commitment at their heart.

“As a healthcare and employment group, we are already keenly in touch with the importance of physical and mental health – and the powerful role of work in people’s lives. Our response to COVID-19 is our highest priority. We are basing our plans and protocols on Australian Government advice.

“On top of that, we have engaged medical experts to give us specific advice on safeguarding all people in our sphere of influence – customers, our in-house team members, the doctors who work with us and the people who visit our premises,” he said.

MedHealth has put a special COVID-19 hotline in place for its team members, triaging concerns and issues, delivering advice on the best next steps to any team members concerned about COVID-19 exposure and enabling a company-wide view and consistent decision-making around incidents.

Morphy added: “For our customers and clients, we have quickly adapted our service delivery to a telehealth model wherever possible. We are continually refining how this can offer much-needed services to our customers. We are very aware that every person we can support now with recovery, wellness, return to work, a path to employment and more, is a person who will be better off once the challenge of COVID-19 is less acute.”

To access MedHealth’s COVID-19 plan and protocols, please visit medhealth.com.au/managing-covid-19